Another day

Another day, another dollar, they say.  Another day, another dollar, I say.  But I mean it in a different way.

They say another dollar whenever nothing new happens: the dollar is normal.  But my dollar is not just another dollar.  Today’s dollar is a symbol for something that exists.

I did not recall before today the time a few years back when I knew someone I believe I have re-met today.  No words exchanged, only looks.  I do not believe either of us were sure that the other was the same one, if we are indeed the people who had met so long ago.  And yes, I did meet this someone in the time while I was still blogging consistently, or so I believe.

The world is a busy place, no doubt.  That was indeed the reason we did not speak to each other.  Was it so busy that we could not have?  I sure we could have, or, as one can say, it was not so busy  that no time was potentially possible for conversation.  So why did we not?  The answer should be obvious.  Hence, we are still not sure if we are the two who had met so long ago.  But just because we did not converse does not mean no memories were gained.  No, for the dollar I received today was the memory of an average blogging day.

Another day, another dollar.  It seems to be a goal, you could say, to gain another metaphorical dollar each day.  It would certainly be nice to just know what life was like in those days, for, though I feel I remember it well, the memories I have gained today show me that I do not.


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