And so it seems

…that I’ve missed another day.  I did indeed have some ideas for what to blog about for the past few days, but I ended up not posting for some reason.

Ah, as it seems that I have also reverted to my old, boring writing style (and from this you can see this is stream of consciousness writing).  I state the facts in sentences with grammar without adding any artistic licence.  Well, let’s start again, shall we?

The title.  For the past few posts, I have used the title in some way in the blog post.  The title seemed to work completely fine as a title itself, but the title always had a deeper meaning when it was read in the context of the blog.  Today, the title was not as OK by itself, but it did lend itself nicely to the first sentence of this blog post.  This is not satisfactory, is it?

Another question that I feel I need to answer:  Am I bored of blogging?  The answer is partially yes and partially no.  By this, I mean that I would prefer blogging to some other things that are more boring (otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging right now; I don’t have any comments, so I feel no obligation to continue blogging).  In addition, I do feel slightly rejuvenated by blogging.  I remember the good days when I blogged rather often.  I do admit I would often re-blog what other people had blogged, partially because my paint pictures were not uploading correctly.  I hope I got that fixed.  To test that, here is a nice picture of a RPS-25 match to end the post:



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