Another memory

And so ends the set of posts where the title has a deeper meaning when read with the post.  Perhaps I will make a new category for those one day.  If that happens, I might even continue writing like that as an art form every once in a while.

This will not be a blog post about another memory that I have obtained of the past.  No, this memory is one of something that happened yesterday.

When I went to my dashboard to write my post, I noticed that I got a viewer on April 9.  I haven’t gotten a viewer since September 30, 2013.  Of course, at that point, I was not posting regularly.  This viewer viewed my website five times, he did.  I acknowledge this viewer.  

It is slightly surprising that I find another viewer so quickly after I re-start my blogging.  Perhaps it was pure luck, but it could also have been someone who knew that I started posting again.  If you are this viewer, please stand up (comment).


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