Here we go again

2 weeks.  No posts.

I have my own questions regarding this, though this may be ridiculous.  I have seen many bloggers come and go, as I have seen many leave for months on end only to come back (OK I made that up but I have seen several bloggers go).

Of course, I feel I mist clarify something:  The reason for the lack of posts was not business.  The reason for the lack of posts was not that I had nothing to post about.  I had plenty of ideas and plenty of time to post them.  No, the reason I was not posting was likely related to boredom.  And here we say the phrase “Here we go again”.

It may feel like I am going to leave this blog again.  Before my break, I would assure you that this was not the case.  I am not so sure anymore.  I do not want to quit, but I am not doing anything about it.

I will try to post more.  I am posting this so that I will post more, for it is more likely for me to do something if I tell the world I will do it.  However, since I don’t get any viewers that I am aware of, I don’t think this will be a very strong motive.  If I am going to continue blogging until I get another viewer, I will have to start with my own motive, as many others have done, I am sure.

On a somewhat related note, I should learn to include tags with my post.  I will learn to do so when I am motivated to – the less the work required, the less motivation required.  For example, if someone just explains it to me in the comments, I will learn it much faster than if I have to wait for a day when the motivation is just right in order for me to look up how to use tags.  Good day!


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