No Planning


Without a set plan for blogging, it may be difficult to blog on a somewhat consistent basis.  For example, when I planned to blog at least once a day, I followed that goal.  I followed it for only a few days, but I followed it.  It provided a way to ensure a consistent basis.  Right now, I am blogging without such a plan.  It is not the case that I blog whenever I find something to blog about:  Many things that I consider blog-worthy are not blogged about.  I am blogging without a plan, so I blog whenever I feel like making a post.

What sort of plan would work?  Blogging every day won’t work; I’ve tried that.  In addition, blogging every day would cause the viewers to have to read many posts at once in order to catch up if they are, say, returning from vacation, which may not be so good.  However, blogging once a year is clearly too much of a gap.  I can’t blog every time I see something worthy of a post.  There are simply too many things to post about and I will end up getting the same problem as if I blogged every day.  This plan could also increase my ability to notice things, which, while not bad for me, would increase the number of posts.

Blogging with somewhat random intervals is not good either.  It may cause me to blog as I do now – what I feel is very little.  Then those who check the blog often for posts get them infrequently.  Of course, if I could post with somewhat random intervals while not having long breaks between posts, that would possibly be the best option I have.  Those who do not check so often don’t have to read too much to catch up, while those who visit often are not not rewarded too often either.

As of now, I am not implementing a schedule.  If you would like one, suggest it in the comments.


Ah, I should have known


I should have known that this would happen.  I sort of did, as well.  On a slightly unrelated note, I am using the title in the post again.

I knew that I would end up not posting every day.  I wouldn’t say that it was impossible to do so – it most certainly is.  I would say, however, that it would be difficult.  This is mainly because of how non-entertaining it is after all that you wanted to say has been said.  It can be said that this never happens, but eventually, you condense everything you wanted to say for the past few years into a few blog posts.

Another problem is that of the posts themselves – I believe I am actually writing these for myself.  These posts, whilst speaking of memories to others, seem to be vague to my memory.  This could be because they are intentionally vague to other viewers, and that could be because I am writing these for myself.  Of course, this reduces viewers.  This reduces viewer interaction.  This viewer interaction is, indeed, enjoyable to me.  Therefore, blog posting is lessened.

Yet another problem may have been the time when I started posting.  When I started posting again, it was almost at a holiday I believe.  This is a day when I don’t like to work, for it is a holiday.  Of course, this means a break in posting.  But if one day can be a break, why not 2?  Why not a week?  Why not a month, or a year?  Maybe 3 years?  In addition, it was a holiday that I would be somewhat busy on, so it was already work on a day I wouldn’t want to be working.

Yet, I didn’t anticipate that this would happen so soon.  When I say soon, i meant that I expected to be posting every day for at least 1 or 2 weeks.  I should have guessed that this would happen this early because of the points mentioned above, but then again, you can use logic to support almost any result.  i do not believe I will ever be one of those people who posts every single day, but if I do, it will most definitely because of viewers, in some way or another.