So Much for Pathos


If you are reading this, the first thing that I want you to do is to tell me via the comments section if you get the reference from the title.

There are many things that one does in life in order to accomplish a goal.  These goals may be completely pointless.  These goals may be very much worth one’s time.  However, regardless of the importance of the goal, completing a goal gives some form of emotion.  In general, these emotions are positive.  However, if one realizes the pointlessness of completing a goal after it is completed, this emotion can be negative.  This emotion will still be positive if one realizes that the goal was pointless after a certain period of joy has passed.  In this case, accomplishing the goal will have caused joy in the one who has accomplished his goal.  However, there is a more special type of way in which emotions are felt because of the accomplishment of goals.

I believe that my sense of time is very bad – I, without looking, am guessing that I have not posted in 2 weeks.  About 2 weeks ago, I am guessing that I wrote a post.  When I finish writing this post, I will look at when I wrote my previous post was written and I will update this post.  Of course, because of how bad one’s sense of time may be, long-term goals may be unrealistic.  Such goals may include posting every single day, week, or even month for a year.  This is partially the reason that I do not follow a schedule – I receive a negative emotion when I break the schedule, thus failing a goal.  However, when one completes a goal and experiences joy for a certain period of time after a goal, the joy may not be positive.

Consider the case where one accomplishes a goal with low quality.  This person tried to accomplish a goal, but he did not do it as well as he would have liked to.  This means that the person may not have defined his goal well enough.  However, it may also be the case that the goal was completely off.  What he thought he wanted to accomplish may have turned out not to be what he wanted to accomplish.  In the extreme case, he may actually have tried to accomplish the exact opposite of what one wanted to accomplish!  This, no doubt, has happened many times to many people.  Does it matter if it were possible to have accomplished the goal as well as he would have liked to?  Probably not.  After all, it should still be done better – close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Of course, the point I am getting at is that I will be away during most of the summer – no blog posts.  This means that accomplishing the goal of blogging for a least a year, if it is completed, will not be completed as well as I wanted it to.  Is this a goal that I could have accomplished?  No, given the fact that I was going away for the summer.  The question is as follows:  How will I interpret this fact?  Will I get a negative emotion from this?  I predict that I will not.  However, I cannot understand why.  Though it is the case that I could not have controlled this break from posting, I predicted before that this would have no effect.  Of course, the other thing I fear is that I will stop posting when I return.

For the last post until late summer, I conclude with that possibility in mind.

Edit: I was actually much closer than I expected when I guessed that I haven’t posted in 2 weeks.  I was only off by 3 days!