So Much for Pathos


If you are reading this, the first thing that I want you to do is to tell me via the comments section if you get the reference from the title.

There are many things that one does in life in order to accomplish a goal.  These goals may be completely pointless.  These goals may be very much worth one’s time.  However, regardless of the importance of the goal, completing a goal gives some form of emotion.  In general, these emotions are positive.  However, if one realizes the pointlessness of completing a goal after it is completed, this emotion can be negative.  This emotion will still be positive if one realizes that the goal was pointless after a certain period of joy has passed.  In this case, accomplishing the goal will have caused joy in the one who has accomplished his goal.  However, there is a more special type of way in which emotions are felt because of the accomplishment of goals.

I believe that my sense of time is very bad – I, without looking, am guessing that I have not posted in 2 weeks.  About 2 weeks ago, I am guessing that I wrote a post.  When I finish writing this post, I will look at when I wrote my previous post was written and I will update this post.  Of course, because of how bad one’s sense of time may be, long-term goals may be unrealistic.  Such goals may include posting every single day, week, or even month for a year.  This is partially the reason that I do not follow a schedule – I receive a negative emotion when I break the schedule, thus failing a goal.  However, when one completes a goal and experiences joy for a certain period of time after a goal, the joy may not be positive.

Consider the case where one accomplishes a goal with low quality.  This person tried to accomplish a goal, but he did not do it as well as he would have liked to.  This means that the person may not have defined his goal well enough.  However, it may also be the case that the goal was completely off.  What he thought he wanted to accomplish may have turned out not to be what he wanted to accomplish.  In the extreme case, he may actually have tried to accomplish the exact opposite of what one wanted to accomplish!  This, no doubt, has happened many times to many people.  Does it matter if it were possible to have accomplished the goal as well as he would have liked to?  Probably not.  After all, it should still be done better – close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Of course, the point I am getting at is that I will be away during most of the summer – no blog posts.  This means that accomplishing the goal of blogging for a least a year, if it is completed, will not be completed as well as I wanted it to.  Is this a goal that I could have accomplished?  No, given the fact that I was going away for the summer.  The question is as follows:  How will I interpret this fact?  Will I get a negative emotion from this?  I predict that I will not.  However, I cannot understand why.  Though it is the case that I could not have controlled this break from posting, I predicted before that this would have no effect.  Of course, the other thing I fear is that I will stop posting when I return.

For the last post until late summer, I conclude with that possibility in mind.

Edit: I was actually much closer than I expected when I guessed that I haven’t posted in 2 weeks.  I was only off by 3 days!


No Planning


Without a set plan for blogging, it may be difficult to blog on a somewhat consistent basis.  For example, when I planned to blog at least once a day, I followed that goal.  I followed it for only a few days, but I followed it.  It provided a way to ensure a consistent basis.  Right now, I am blogging without such a plan.  It is not the case that I blog whenever I find something to blog about:  Many things that I consider blog-worthy are not blogged about.  I am blogging without a plan, so I blog whenever I feel like making a post.

What sort of plan would work?  Blogging every day won’t work; I’ve tried that.  In addition, blogging every day would cause the viewers to have to read many posts at once in order to catch up if they are, say, returning from vacation, which may not be so good.  However, blogging once a year is clearly too much of a gap.  I can’t blog every time I see something worthy of a post.  There are simply too many things to post about and I will end up getting the same problem as if I blogged every day.  This plan could also increase my ability to notice things, which, while not bad for me, would increase the number of posts.

Blogging with somewhat random intervals is not good either.  It may cause me to blog as I do now – what I feel is very little.  Then those who check the blog often for posts get them infrequently.  Of course, if I could post with somewhat random intervals while not having long breaks between posts, that would possibly be the best option I have.  Those who do not check so often don’t have to read too much to catch up, while those who visit often are not not rewarded too often either.

As of now, I am not implementing a schedule.  If you would like one, suggest it in the comments.

Ah, I should have known


I should have known that this would happen.  I sort of did, as well.  On a slightly unrelated note, I am using the title in the post again.

I knew that I would end up not posting every day.  I wouldn’t say that it was impossible to do so – it most certainly is.  I would say, however, that it would be difficult.  This is mainly because of how non-entertaining it is after all that you wanted to say has been said.  It can be said that this never happens, but eventually, you condense everything you wanted to say for the past few years into a few blog posts.

Another problem is that of the posts themselves – I believe I am actually writing these for myself.  These posts, whilst speaking of memories to others, seem to be vague to my memory.  This could be because they are intentionally vague to other viewers, and that could be because I am writing these for myself.  Of course, this reduces viewers.  This reduces viewer interaction.  This viewer interaction is, indeed, enjoyable to me.  Therefore, blog posting is lessened.

Yet another problem may have been the time when I started posting.  When I started posting again, it was almost at a holiday I believe.  This is a day when I don’t like to work, for it is a holiday.  Of course, this means a break in posting.  But if one day can be a break, why not 2?  Why not a week?  Why not a month, or a year?  Maybe 3 years?  In addition, it was a holiday that I would be somewhat busy on, so it was already work on a day I wouldn’t want to be working.

Yet, I didn’t anticipate that this would happen so soon.  When I say soon, i meant that I expected to be posting every day for at least 1 or 2 weeks.  I should have guessed that this would happen this early because of the points mentioned above, but then again, you can use logic to support almost any result.  i do not believe I will ever be one of those people who posts every single day, but if I do, it will most definitely because of viewers, in some way or another.

Here we go again


2 weeks.  No posts.

I have my own questions regarding this, though this may be ridiculous.  I have seen many bloggers come and go, as I have seen many leave for months on end only to come back (OK I made that up but I have seen several bloggers go).

Of course, I feel I mist clarify something:  The reason for the lack of posts was not business.  The reason for the lack of posts was not that I had nothing to post about.  I had plenty of ideas and plenty of time to post them.  No, the reason I was not posting was likely related to boredom.  And here we say the phrase “Here we go again”.

It may feel like I am going to leave this blog again.  Before my break, I would assure you that this was not the case.  I am not so sure anymore.  I do not want to quit, but I am not doing anything about it.

I will try to post more.  I am posting this so that I will post more, for it is more likely for me to do something if I tell the world I will do it.  However, since I don’t get any viewers that I am aware of, I don’t think this will be a very strong motive.  If I am going to continue blogging until I get another viewer, I will have to start with my own motive, as many others have done, I am sure.

On a somewhat related note, I should learn to include tags with my post.  I will learn to do so when I am motivated to – the less the work required, the less motivation required.  For example, if someone just explains it to me in the comments, I will learn it much faster than if I have to wait for a day when the motivation is just right in order for me to look up how to use tags.  Good day!

Another memory


And so ends the set of posts where the title has a deeper meaning when read with the post.  Perhaps I will make a new category for those one day.  If that happens, I might even continue writing like that as an art form every once in a while.

This will not be a blog post about another memory that I have obtained of the past.  No, this memory is one of something that happened yesterday.

When I went to my dashboard to write my post, I noticed that I got a viewer on April 9.  I haven’t gotten a viewer since September 30, 2013.  Of course, at that point, I was not posting regularly.  This viewer viewed my website five times, he did.  I acknowledge this viewer.  

It is slightly surprising that I find another viewer so quickly after I re-start my blogging.  Perhaps it was pure luck, but it could also have been someone who knew that I started posting again.  If you are this viewer, please stand up (comment).

And so it seems


…that I’ve missed another day.  I did indeed have some ideas for what to blog about for the past few days, but I ended up not posting for some reason.

Ah, as it seems that I have also reverted to my old, boring writing style (and from this you can see this is stream of consciousness writing).  I state the facts in sentences with grammar without adding any artistic licence.  Well, let’s start again, shall we?

The title.  For the past few posts, I have used the title in some way in the blog post.  The title seemed to work completely fine as a title itself, but the title always had a deeper meaning when it was read in the context of the blog.  Today, the title was not as OK by itself, but it did lend itself nicely to the first sentence of this blog post.  This is not satisfactory, is it?

Another question that I feel I need to answer:  Am I bored of blogging?  The answer is partially yes and partially no.  By this, I mean that I would prefer blogging to some other things that are more boring (otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging right now; I don’t have any comments, so I feel no obligation to continue blogging).  In addition, I do feel slightly rejuvenated by blogging.  I remember the good days when I blogged rather often.  I do admit I would often re-blog what other people had blogged, partially because my paint pictures were not uploading correctly.  I hope I got that fixed.  To test that, here is a nice picture of a RPS-25 match to end the post:


Another day


Another day, another dollar, they say.  Another day, another dollar, I say.  But I mean it in a different way.

They say another dollar whenever nothing new happens: the dollar is normal.  But my dollar is not just another dollar.  Today’s dollar is a symbol for something that exists.

I did not recall before today the time a few years back when I knew someone I believe I have re-met today.  No words exchanged, only looks.  I do not believe either of us were sure that the other was the same one, if we are indeed the people who had met so long ago.  And yes, I did meet this someone in the time while I was still blogging consistently, or so I believe.

The world is a busy place, no doubt.  That was indeed the reason we did not speak to each other.  Was it so busy that we could not have?  I sure we could have, or, as one can say, it was not so busy  that no time was potentially possible for conversation.  So why did we not?  The answer should be obvious.  Hence, we are still not sure if we are the two who had met so long ago.  But just because we did not converse does not mean no memories were gained.  No, for the dollar I received today was the memory of an average blogging day.

Another day, another dollar.  It seems to be a goal, you could say, to gain another metaphorical dollar each day.  It would certainly be nice to just know what life was like in those days, for, though I feel I remember it well, the memories I have gained today show me that I do not.